Product Warranty - Custom Blinds & Shades

We extend the following warranty to the original purchaser of custom made blinds and shades, which are properly installed in the original window, with proof of purchase.

What is covered: 

Materials and operating mechanisms are covered for 3 years. 

Manufacturer defects and shipping damage (reported within 30 days) 

What is not covered: 

Variations in texture, construction or color of natural products, slight warping of wood products, and natural color changes to materials that take place over time. 

Product failure due to any of the following: 

Improper installation, operation or cleaning 

Normal wear and Tear 

Excessive exposure to heat, sunlight or moisture 

Damage from children, pets or insects 

Improper cleaning 

Alteration of any kind 

Resolution of Warranty Issues: 

Repair or Replace: We will determine, at its discretion, whether the product will be repaired or replaced. 

Product Discontinuation: If a product replacement is needed for a discontinued product still under warranty, we will provide a substitute product that matches as closely as possible. 

Shipping Costs: After a 1 year period, the customer is responsible for any shipping costs associated with warranty repair. 

After Warranty Expiration: 

After warranty expires, many products can still be repaired for a nominal charge. 

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